Ram Chandra Gotame

Welcome to physcicsfeed.com and thank you for looking up my profile. We started physicsfeed.com at the starting of 2020 with the intent to furnish physics and science-related content to interested persons regardless of their profession and age. My passion includes physicsing and blogging them. These two combinations make a perfect spot on my personal website. Though my passion for blogging and writing articles raised lately, I have a strong stimulus and I am resolved to learn and express those ideas related to physics and science. My articles are not confined but mainly include topics from physics, especially Astrophysics and Nanomaterials, which are also my keen subject of interest. Articles also include new and exciting research from various fields like Nanomaterials, Astrophysics, Health and Disease, and recent research news, in which I strive to highlights the research's purpose, its methodology, also the view from different involved/non-involved researchers, and more importantly its application in future. I have completed MS in physics from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and my research interests are, but not limited to, Nanophysics, Nanobioscience, and Astrophysics.